Austin M. Gion



I am a graduate student pursuing a PhD in geology at the University of Maryland. I received my BS in geology from Wichita State University in 2015 and my MS in geology from the University of Maryland in 2017. I am currently involved in both research and teaching at the University of Maryland. My research is performed in the Laboratory for Mineral Deposits Research (LMDR) under the supervision of Dr. Philip Piccoli and Dr. Philip Candela.

In addition to my work at the University of Maryland, I am currently a pre-doctoral visiting investigator at the Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institute for Science. My work is being performed under the supervision of Yingwei Fei.

Granite melting demonstration for Maryland Day. Melting performed by Austin Gion at LMDR. Voiceover by Dr. Philip Candela. Video recorded by Todd Karwoski.